Does Dr Solomon Exist?

Well, my father's name was Solomon, and I do have a PhD, but do I exist? This is a philosophical question, which I'm not able to answer. I think I exist. Didn't Descartes say something like "I think I exist, therefore I do exist" (actually, he said "I think therefore I am"). I think.

I designed and coded the original Dr Solomon's Antivirus Toolkit. These days, a whole bunch of people do the virus analysis and coding; we sold the company in 1996, and I don't have anything to do with it now.

If I don't exist, my two daughters are in big trouble, because they wouldn't exist either. Here's pictures of them. You don't really want a picture of me ...

Jennifer Solomon Angela Solomon

I'm going to proceed on the assumption that I do exist. Let me know if you find that I'm wrong.